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Lee's Battery
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From "History of the Cherokee Indians and Their Legends and Folk Lore" by Emmet Starr

Captain: Alexander Foreman
Captain: Roswell W. Lee
First Lts.: Henry Forrester, J. W. Gregg
Second Lts.: William Taylor, Riley Wise Lindsey
Orderly Sergeants: John Reese, Taylor Clark, John R. Vann


Alberty, George W.
Bacon, Bailey
Bacon, John
Baker, J. Riley
Barnard, Robert
Benge, Samuel
Bigby, Thomas
Bledsoe, Alonzo
Brower, James
Campreau, John
Clark, J. Hilary
Crane, William
Crittenden, James
Deadrick, William
Doghead, John
Edwards, Cap
Hicks, Charles
Hurd, Richard
Ice Nitts
Marshall, John
Peter, Thomas
Phillips, William
Polk, John
Proctor, Isaac
Rider Cloud
Seymore, James
Silk, Lee
Smith, McCoy
Solomon, Ketcher
Taylor, William
Walker, William
Wilkerson, James
Womack, William

This was an artillery company. They got their battery: three twelve pound howitzers and a 2.2.1 pound (2.25") brass rifle, early in 1863. One twelve pounder was lost in Elk Creek after the battle of Honey Springs. And found by the Federals while searching for dead. Three other guns were added, but their sources are not known. One gun burst by over charging at the capture of the steamer, J. R. WILLIAMS, on June 15, 1864 and the others were surrendered to the United States at the close of the war.


Though Roswell Lee's Battery has always been designated a Texas unit, more appropriately it should be considered an Indian Territory or combined Indian Territory/Texas unit.

Earlier in the war Roswell Lee had been Douglas Hancock Cooper's Acting Assistant Adj. General.

The Battle of Elkhorn Tavern
(Taken from the Confederate Military History, Volume 10, Chapter IV)
"Pike's force now surrounded the taken battery in the utmost confusion, "all talking, and riding this way and that, listening to no orders from any one." Capt. Roswell Lee, of General Cooper's staff, attempted to have the captured guns faced to the front, that they might be used against another battery just discovered, but he could not induce a single man to assist. "At this moment the enemy sent two shells into the field, and the Indians retreated hurriedly into the woods," and there remained for two hours and a half, until twenty minutes before the action ended. The enemy continued to pour shot and shell into the woods, but never advanced. "This battery also," naively adds the general, "was thus, with its supporting forces, by the presence of the Indians rendered useless to the enemy during the action."

From the OR's "Cooper's Report of the Battle of Round Mountain"

"About 50 Choctaws and Texans were then sent out, under Actg. Asst. Adjt. Gen. R.W. Lee, to examine the ravine in front and on the flanks, when it was found that the enemy had left the field and retreated in the direction of their camps."

Jim Martin

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