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Re: Cherokee Neutrality and the Confederate Allian

This is an interesting and confusing time period. Ross was cautious because he was unsure whether the Union troops would or could maintain control of the Nation -- and rightly so. After he was "captured" by Weer, he headed to Washington to meet with Lincoln. Blunt and Dole had written letters supporting him to Lincoln. The Union was not consistent in the occupation and "control" of the Nation for some time after this, and certainly inconsistent in providing subsistence that was promised the returning refugees.

The Southern Cherokee had elected Watie principal chief in Aug 1862. I believe there were more Cherokee in the Union Indian Home Guard than in Confederate Service. After the war, the Southern Cherokee were still trying to split the Nation into two political entities but were, of course, unsuccessful.

If you have the Act of the Council in digital form, post it to the board and I'll put it on my website. I know it is in the Ross Papers at Gilcrease. I haven't looked to see if it is in the ORs or "The Papers of John Ross". I'd also like to have Ross's oath of office given in Washington.

I began this just going through the ORs with the idea of putting them on my website chronologically. This was before Jim and I started talking about the message board and an IT in the CW website so it may evolve differently.

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