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This is a good description of the area around Atoka and Stringtown. I'm sure you know Jonathan Nail lived at Nail's Bridge (also called Nail's Crossing) on the Blue, also a Butterfield Stage Stand, and right by Ft McCulloch.

As a handed-down, undocumented story, this has a lot of specific detail. I'm trying to tactfully ask if the specifics come from the original story or from someone who is very knowledgeable on the area.

Can you confirm that Geary still owned the station in 1864? It was advertised for sale in the Ft Smith paper in 1858. I haven't found any mention of Geary's station in the ORs or elsewhere but do find Alex McKinney's mentioned. On 1867 and 1869 maps, it shows McKinney's Station and Winchester Station and on another shows McKinney's Winchester Station in roughly this location -- you know how imprecise IT maps are. Do you know who Geary was?

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