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I will have to recheck the family line, however, I do know this for certain and have many court documents to prove. Capt. John Damron married Anna Ladd, they had a large family, one son was George Damron and one of their daughters was Anna Ladd Damron. George Damron married Delilah Fisher and Anna Ladd Damron married her brother James Fisher in Ill. Both families moved west, thru Arkansas into Texas in the 1835 time frame. My ggrandfather, William Riley Boon was the son of Polly Fisher (oldest daughter of James and Anna) and unknown Boon and he was born in Texas in 1841. James Fisher was awarded a league and labor of land and it was in the Collin Co. area near McKinney. James and Anna had 7 children I believe, one of which was Jobe Fisher, the father of John King Fisher. After his second wife Minerva died, Anna went to live with him and helped raise his two sons. Jobe Fisher is not the son of Capt. Damron and Anna Ladd.

O.C. Fisher wrote a book about the Fisher family, however, many of the family facts have been proved to be false. Recently E. Lee Fisher wrote a fiction of King Fisher, Pendencia Creek that family wise is correct.

I have had a researcher for two years researching this family so that I could prove lineage to settlers in Texas for the Daughters of the Republic of Texas which is a difficult process, however, I was able to get enough court probate records, etc. to prove the family line, so I am very confident the information is correct.

I will be happy to email you info if you are interested. My email is

I am sure we are distantly related thru the John Damron line.

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