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An Alex McKinney lived on or near Little (North) Boggy (near Stringtown) during and immediately after the war. Cooper mentions his camp at "Alecks McKinney's" on Little Boggy. Parks mentions stopping at McKinney's at the same site on a trip to North Texas to visit his wife. I found a post-war description of the area that refers to Alex McKinney's farm west of present Stringtown (then called Sulphur Springs) where the Atoka Lake is now. Cooper also calls this locale Sulphur Springs in one of his reports.

I have no proof that Alex McKinney or other McKinney bought Geary's Station. It is supposition based on a station named "McKinney's" shown on post-war (1867, 1869) maps and that Alex McKinney lived within a couple of miles of where the station on the Texas Road / Ft.Smith-Boggy Depot Road was located per Muriel Wright's article in the Chronicles.

Anyone out there found other references to McKinney's, Sulphur Springs, Little Boggy, etc etc??? I love to hear about it.

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