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The identified Confederate graves at the cemetery near the Confederate Museum are all members of Dawson's 19th Arkansas who died of measles. I have yet to find any conclusive evidence the 'Battle of Middle Boggy' occurred at or near this location.

None of the several official reports that mention the battle and Phillips expedition suggest he was ever on the Texas Road. Not one of the reports mention the Texas Road, the Ft Smith-Boggy Depot Road, Geary's, Flacks, Davis', McKinney's, or Little Boggy.

The reports do mention the mouth of Little River, the Rock Academy, and Chickasaw Gov. Colbert's home which Phillips said he visited. Phillips says he camped at the battlefield and then moved 21 miles south and camped on South Boggy (which is Clear Boggy or Boggy River). From Middle Boggy on the Texas Road to Boggy River is only about 10 miles. After the battle, Phillips sent the infantry and his train back to the mouth of Little River, not up the Texas Road.

I am still searching for corroborating evidence that the Battle of Middle Boggy occurred on or near the Texas Road or at any other point for that matter. So far, I have found several reports by Union and Confederate officers in the ORs suggesting a location far northwest of Atoka. I have not found reports, journals, diaries, memiors, etc. that suggest otherwise. How could this be?

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