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Capture of Wm. Penn Adair

One of Adair's former slaves stated he was captured and taken to Ft. Leavenworth but talked his way out of it and was released (Slave Narratives). Lt.Col. R.C. Parks blamed Adair for the Locust Grove disaster stating his was drunk at the time.

Below is from Slover's memoirs regarding the 1st Indian Expedition. Weer was the commanding officer in the field (Blunt was in Kansas) and the expedition came down the Fort Scott Road from Kansas, not Missouri. Slover was in Tahlequah at the time this occurred but wrote his memoirs long after the war:

About the last of June 1862, Gen. [James G.] Blunt came down from Missouri into the Indian Territory and established his Headquarters on Wolf Creek, forty miles Northwest of Tahlequah in the Cherokee Nation. On the first day of July he captured Stand Watie’s headquarters in that vicinity where they had been foraging since their return from the battle of Pea Ridge. Col. Stand Watie with his Regiment were out on scout, and were not captured, yet all their camp equipage were burned and the men at headquarters were made prisoners, among whom was Wm. Penn Adair and several other noted men of that Nation.

Is anyone aware of other sources about the capture of Adair and others?

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