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Day Book Co. G, 3rd IHG

To those who would be interested, I have completed the transcription of the day book of Co. G, 3rd IHG which was commanded by Colonel William A. Phillips younger brother Maxwell Phillips. This is the first time I have encountered any kind of a day book from the IHG. Capt. Maxwell Phillips took command of the company after June 1863 and kept an interesting set of records for his company. In the muster out record he gives us a look into how the company was equipped. Further he informs us of those who died in the service of that company. The most interesing portion of this record is that Cpt Phillips was a very conscientious officer who took care of his men. He was assigned to investigate the theft of property and the irregularities of cattle sales to which he reported to General Curtis. Aside from some of the letters of investigation I thought that the mundane nature of most of the material tells us much more than is shown. The material gives us a look at how the bureacracy worked in the business of maintaining the IHG.

This book was found in the Okalahoma archives and given to me to transcribe through the kindness of Ken Martin. I would be more than willing to send as an attachment to anyone who wishes a copy. Just email me -

In addition I am in the final stages of completing the letters of Warren Day who served with the 13th Kansas until August 1863. His letters are to his wife and has been used as references for his part in the Battle of Prarie Grove. However, in August 1863 his letters to his wife come from the Indian Territory where he served until the end of January 1865 as an orderly Sergeant for the 1st IHG. These letters give us a visual look of his impressions and his thoughts on the IHG. These documents were obtained the Ks Historical Society.