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Phillips Expedition - Feb 1864

I have taken all the Official Records I could locate which relate directly or indirectly to Phillips' Feb 1864 Expedition and put them in a file. Depending on the report, I included all or just applicable portions of the reports. The location in the ORs are provided so if you want to read the entire report you can look it up. The reports are in chronological order by date. I added underlines to what seemed to me to be key facts. Please let me know if there are reports in the ORs I have omitted.

If anyone is aware of other reports, letters, diaries, eyewitness accounts, etc. regarding this expedition or concurrent events, please share them on the messageboard or via email.

For those who are interested, please read through the reports and provide your views. All the reports I found directly or indirectly point to a route through the eastern Chickasaw Nation -- the road from Edward's (at the mouth of Little River) to Ft Washita. I could not locate any reports that suggest otherwise.

Before Phillips crosses the Canadian heading south, he speculates about fighting at "Pike's Ditches", which I assume refers to Fort McCulloch. He also mentions the possibility of a fight at Boggy Depot. The Confederates supposed he intended to destroy the stores at Boggy Depot. Other than these speculative comments, I see no suggestion he reached the Texas Road but instead stayed west in the Chickasaw Nation. I have not be able to locate sources that support the 'Atoka' location or any location along the Texas Road.

Please read the linked reports and provide your opinion. If you know of other sources, please post them on the board!!!


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Phillips Expedition - Feb 1864