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After taking 10 years off in researching Howell's Battery, I have stated looking into it once again. Today I was seaching to locate any information about Sylvanus Howell, and came across a good article that informed me that he had 9 siblings. And one of them had a short article written about him. His name was John Mashman Howell born august 2, 1849 in New Market, Tennessee, he died in 1925 living in Dallas Tex. at the time of his death. He had a son John Mashman II born in 1891, married Ruth Killough, and had four children living in Dallas area.
There is appearently a street in Dallas named after both families the Routh's and the Howell's. His house was located on the corner of Howell and Fairmount Streets.

I hope this opens a door where I can find a direct descendent of the commander of the battery.