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The Brush Men,,,

Patti, my GG grandpa Warren Walker Singletary, I believe was probably one of the Brush men, Col. Bourland was trying to bring in to justice. I have really enjoyed that part of the book.

W.W. Singletary is not found on any Civil War rosters but was old enough to have been conscripted. Family stories tell of Warren as being a mean, worthless, drunkard of a person. They originaly lived around Livingston but moved North to around Bonham. He was beaten severely and thrown from a horse to his front porch to die by his compadres. No one really knows why. But he is the classic never worked but always had money type person. Although your book does not mention him speciffically, I believe he was one of the Brush Men as it fits his profile.

I'm on page 230+, I read slow as it is hard to read, watch a monitor and waiting room, plus listen to conversations and business at the claimant window. So sometimes I will read the same page over before I realize I read it already,,,,LOL

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The Brush Men,,,
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