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The Brush Men, Oxford Lake, Lee-Peacock Feud
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Stephen Whitlock,

I hope you noticed that Henry Boren, one of the leaders of the brush battalion, was stationed at Oxford Lake in Collin County. ..Boren then became a central figure in the Lee-Peacock Feud that terrorized Collin, Hunt, Fannin, and Grayson counties centered in the Four Corners (or The Corners) area. ..Also, several members of Henry Boren's wife's family were hung in the October 1862 Great Hanging in Gainesville, Cooke County TX.

Thus far, most - if not all - accounts of the Lee-Peacock Feud, skips the 1862 Great Hanging, the brush battalion (over 2,000 men), the Confederate Brush Battalion (480 men), and the Oxford Lake Camp. ..Because of the broad scope of my study, future books about the Lee-Peacock Feud should be more comprehensive.

See the thread on the message board on the webpage cited below:

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Patricia Adkins-Rochette -- Tuesday, 14 March 2006, at 11:10 a.m.

By the way, many of the books about Quantrill in North Texas skips the brush battalion.

THE BOURLAND PAPERS is a major resource for studying the brush battalion. Col. James Bourland's travels during the Civil War and his contacts determined the broad scope of my 1,022-page book.


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The Brush Men, Oxford Lake, Lee-Peacock Feud