The Indian Territory in the Civil War Message Board

Timber Hills, Cherokee Nation – Nov. 19, 1864

I’m looking for information on a “skirmish with guerrillas” in which Capt. Benjamin W. Welch, Co. K, 1st Kansas Colored Infantry, and 2nd Lt. Eberle Q. Macey (Macy), Co. C, 1st Kansas Colored Infantry were killed in action.

Capt. Welch mustered into the regiment as 2nd Lt. in Co. C in January 1863 and was promoted to captain of Co. K on May 2nd. His residence is shown as Ft Scott. He was wounded at the Battle of Poison Springs, Arkansas in April 1864.

Spelled “Macey” on the roster but “Macy” in the ORs, 2nd Lt. Macey mustered in on May 6, 1863, perhaps replacing Welch. Macey’s residence is shown as Clinton KS. He was also wounded at the Battle of Poison Springs (Arkansas).

I presume “Timber Hills, C.N.” to be in the Cherokee Nation on the Ft Scott-Ft Gibson Road just north of present Ketchum, OK. However, “Timber Hills” and variations of that name are, of course, quite common and I haven’t found information to corroborate this as the correct location.

I have not found any evidence that their respective companies were with them at the time, leading me to suppose they were in route to or from Ft Scott and likely accompanying a supply train or express to or from Ft Gibson (aka Ft Blunt), Cherokee Nation.

Any information on this skirmish, a supply train in route, or either of these men or their companies would be greatly appreciated.