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Edward Falling and Ned Fauling

Is this the same person?

Ned Fauling enlisted July 12, 1861 in Watie's Regiment (1st Cherokee Mtd Vols) Co. F (1st org.), Age 59. This is a one year enlistment.

Edward Falling enlisted July 12, 1862 (indicating he was probably at the end of a one year enlistment) in Co. B (E?) (2nd Org.) and was killed on April 25, 1863 during Col. Wm.A. Phillips’ raid on Webbers Falls.

“Ned” is, of course, a nickname for “Edward”. At his age (59) it seems unlikely, but far from impossible, that he would/could have endured the hardships for two years that many younger men could not. I checked the 1851 Old Settlers Roll and the 1852 Drennen Roll and find only one close match – Edward Fallen, Saline District – on the Drennen Roll. Emmett Starr's Old Cherokee Families spells this surname as “Fawling”.