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Charla, I like to add this additional infor that can be found on line from O.S.H.
Location: heading from 'Old' Boggy Depot S.W.toward the Blue river on the stage route is Nail's Crossing.
Map Vol 11-- Historic places on the old stage line from FT Smith to Red River by Muriel H Wright.letter (s)

pg.812 0.H.S.
Cont- arrived at Nail's Crossing, the story of which holds a large place in recounting the history the history of that section of the Choctaw Nation, Jonathan Nail set up a mill at this crossing on the Blue river early in the 40's later erecting a handsome residance.a large store and a Toll bridge near the mill. a number of fine farms & Ranch's
were in the vicinity. The Nail family was promiminet amoung the Choctaw.

(I am of the opionion that this was a saw mill? also that that Jonathan is the same person in other Bio in leaders and leading men by O'Briene in 1840's this was all in Choctaw Nation but in 1855 the Chickasaw bought this land.
He still sould of been Choctaw as the Indian units of the Chickasaw and Choctaw were under the commanders of Col Tandy Walker and Sampson Folsom at that time you may check
the Civil War Soldier & system Confed. (Nail)and see if some your family served.I can't find the site?.
I did some rerearch some years ago and I think they are related to the Folsoms?

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