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Choctaw Account of the Battle of Massard Prairie

I came across this while researching my Massard Prairie book and thought it might be of interest.

It was written by an anonymous soldier attached to Folsom's command during the Battle of Massard Prairie I know quite a few of you had ancestors in that unit, so here you go:

"Advancing to the summit of an eminence where Yankee balls were whizzing all around him, Col. Folsom prevailed on his Choctaws to accompany him over a broad space to the face of the enemy. The other bodies charged simultaneously, and the robbers finding themselves previously assiled in front and on both flanks, commenced a skedaddle from the rear, whilst others fought with desperation, until assured of quarters, when they surrendered. – Many of our men clubbed with their guns and dealt stunning blows; several guns were in this way broken. One hundred and twenty-seven were captured and about sixty killed. The pursuit was kept up to within two miles of Ft. Smith. The number of the enemy’s wounded could not be ascertained. Our men obtained a rich booty – 200 Sharp’s rifles, 400 revolvers, hundreds of excellent saddles, a considerable number of over coats and many other things."

It is from the Meridian (MS) Clarion, August 1864.