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The last few sentences of that account are in question. The four companies mentioned were Willett's battalion. This battalion was not at Ft Smith but had been assigned to Phillips at Ft Gibson and, per Phillips report, moved with him and infantry (a portion of the unmounted IHG) southwest through the Muscogee/Creek Nation to Hillaby and then to the mouth of Little River on the Canadian which is near the northern extent of the Choctaw-Chickasaw border. In Phillips' reports, he complains that he never heard from the balance of the 14th from Ft Smith and that, had they joined him, he would have crossed the Red River. He left corn at North Fork Town (Muscogee/Creek Nation near present Eufaula on the north side of the Canadian) for the 14th from Ft Smith.

Willett's was his only mounted force, the horses ("Indian ponies") of the IHG having played out -- which was why Willett's was sent to him, so it served as his advance and on his return served as his rear guard. It was Willett's and I believe Co. L of the 3rd IHG (the artillery company) that attacked the Confederates on Middle Boggy Creek along the Choctaw-Chickasaw border. (I should mention that the head waters of Middle Boggy, aka Muddy Boggy, and the head waters of Boggy Creek, aka Clear or South Boggy, are up near present Ada OK and then cross the Texas Road near present Atoka and near Old Boggy Depot, respectively, far to the southeast.) Subsequent Confederate reports put pickets at Robert Cochran's on Boggy Creek (aka Clear Boggy) in the Chickasaw Nation (near Frisco OK) and Wapanuka Academy (aka Chickasaw Rock Academy) because that was the road Phillips took in his recent expedition. That was the road from Old Fort Holmes (at the mouth of Little River) to Ft Washita -- Leavenworth's Dragoon Trail -- which roughly followed the Chickasaw border on the west side. Therefore, Phillips with Willett's battalion did not move down the Texas Road toward present Atoka.

I'm trying to find primary sources regarding the movement on Brown's command from Ft Smith. If they followed Whipple's Road along the south side of the Canadian and crossed to North Fork Town, that places them on the Texas Road. If some portion then travelled south on the Texas Road to within 20 miles of Boggy Depot, they likely encountered Confederate in winter camp on Little Boggy Creek near present Stringtown or perhaps near Middle Boggy Creek on the north side of present Atoka, which would put them within 15 miles of Boggy Depot. Local lore says there was some sort of engagement in this vicinity but it cannot be reconciled with the so-called Battle of Middle Boggy of Feb 13, 1864 in which Willett's battalion was engaged with Jumper's Seminole. Family lore mentions Texans on picket duty at Colbert's Ferry (near where US Hwy 69 crosses the Red River) being sent up the Texas Road to this vicinity, were they found some of Quantrill's men, to resist a Union move down the Texas Road.

Many accounts, including what is in the Kansas Adjutant General's report of the 14th KS Cav, try to combine or reconcile these two separate events resulting in a convoluted and unsupportable account of the Battle of Middle Boggy and the incorrect name "Middle Boggy Depot" which is apparently the mixing of "Middle Boggy Creek" with "Boggy Depot".

This brings me back to my search for primary source material on the movements of Brown's portion of the 14th KS Cav. The monthly returns for the regiment should mention their movements during the month. If the day book can be located, it would undoubtedly give a detailed day-by-day account of their movements and any Confederates encountered. Of course, personal accounts by members of the command would be a wonderful find!

Since the movements are all in the Indian Territory, I'm going to cross-post this on that message board. I posted this on the Arkansas board hoping someone would be familiar with souce material regarding the 14th at Ft Smith and their movements/orders.


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