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John Billy, Chickasaw-Choctaw Cav.

My interest is were this large family was from? (abt 12-14) and enlisted-- I think they all are from Stonewall I.T.
They are closely attacted to the Colberts.

Capt-Colbert Ashlatubby (Burris)B.Apr.1825 Ms.--D.July 1907 Frisco I.T
Colbert A Burris a full blood Chickasaw,who had came to the Chickasaw Nation with his mother and sister over the trail of tears as a young boy of 11. Colbert was a educated man, a Methodist preacher,lawyer,and judge,who had represented the Chickasaw Nation in Washington.He claimed to be a full blood and preached in the native language.
He is a Prominent citizen of the tribe and had three children by a native wife. He also claimed,at time one of his
Grandfathers was French and could speak that language as well.
Laura Bradley, (one of George Bradley's Dau.)taught primary grades at the Academy (Stonewall)she told her children
that she had been edu. at a girls school in Branson,Missouri.
Laura A Bradley and Colbert A Burris (Widowed)were married in July 1869 Chickasaw Nation at Stonewall.
It was probably near Boggy Depot,that Laura Bradley met Colbert Burris. Colbert served in the Chickasaw Calvary, as a captain.Boggy Depot was a suppy post for the Confederate Army. {Stop} Pg 75-76 A story of the George Bradley Family

William Bradley- son of George Bradley he also served in the Chickasaw -Choctaws Looks to have married a Choctaw (Mary Bynum)
lived at Stonewall,father George, brother John leased/rented farm from Cochran.
B-ABT 1844--died at the "Old Confederate Soldier's Home'- 1931 He was sent there after a fire completely burned down his sisters Laura Burris house when he was staying there and living with her--1907--1912 abt?

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