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Robbers Cave/Coal Co.

A interesting story by a A.W.Folsom Coal County-- "Old" {Tobaksi}-Co.(O.H.S.Indian word meaning,they found coal-depots-rocks- on the banks of the creeks/streams-pick up by hand.)

In the northwest corner of section 30 township 1 north and range 11 east on the east side of boggy creek,
there is a chain of mountains lying in lines parallel with the creek and at a certain place is a cave where at one time in the territorial days the thieves in their escape from the laws would meet and be quartered for several days at a time, this cave can only be reached by foot or by horseback.
A short distance from there used to be a tunnel which ran clear through the mountain the opening large enough for a horse to walk through,and a guard was placed at each enterance and exit to protect the horses and to give warning in case of officers approach, but this has been filled up.

Vol 8----- N.E Billy #13615
Is anything known about this reported- passage- cave-etc-hide-out?
Note-(upper/muddy- boggy my map)