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New Ed Bearss Book

Some of you may be aware that several years ago I collected and had volunteers transcribe all of Ed Bearss' writings on the Siege of Pewtersburg. Ted Savas has agreed to publish the material in a 2 volume set.

At this point I need people to proofread the manuscript which falls into 12 sections. They are: The June 9th assault; June 15 & 18 assaults; the June 21-24 1864 Battle of the Jerusalem Plank Road; Aug. 18-21, 1864 Weldon Railroad; Aug. 25, 1864 Ream's Station; Sept. 30 Peeble Farm; Oct. 27, 1864 Burgess Mills; Feb. 5-7, 1864 Hatcher Run; March 30-April 1, Five Forks; and April 2, 1865 Breaking the Lines in Front of VI Corps

If you want to help email me at