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1st Choctaw Battalion MS Cavalry

I am looking for information on the fate of 14 soldiers from the 1st Choctaw Battalion MS Cavalry who were captured at Pontchatoula LA on 5/13/1863. They were taken north via Boston and New York, and then sent to New Orleans LA in October 1863. From their records, I've compiled the following list of names and last information about them. I would appreciate any other information anyone has on these men. Most of them were only listed by one name.

No information in addition to that above was found for these men:
Wigginton, Isaac, James, Selvis, Wilson, and Charley.

These men died at Fort Columbus in September 1863:
Billy and Williamson.

These men died in New Orleans, LA:
Gibson (11/14/1863) and George Washington (12/7/1863).

Thomas Chubby - various info, last info: Admitted 12/2/1863 to Corps d'Afrique USA General Hospital, New Orleans with pneumonia.

Jefferson - various info, last info: Listed on Roll on Hand at New Orleans, 12/31/63.

Silas Joshua (I believe this is the same man listed as only Silas on some records) - various info, last info: Transferred 11/23/1863 to Convalescent Camp.

James Davis - various info, last info: transferred to Pro. Sherriff, 3/12/1864.

Thank you for any information. I am trying to gather information specifically on the soldier listed as Wigginton but by looking at the whole group, I can make some assumptions in the absence of concrete information about him. Thanks! Kerry Lin