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Re: Chief of Commissary, Bonham TX; 1863; Bankhaea

This appears to be a type written summary of his service prepared by the War Department early in the 20th Century. Card #1 of his CSR file which consists of 112 cards

M331: Compiled Service Records of Confederate General and Staff Officers and Nonregimental Enlisted Men

Baylor's (J. R.) Comd
Bankhead's (S.P.) Comd
Post Comsy.
Post. Q. M.

J. S. West,
Capt. & A. Q. M.
Maj. & C. S.

Oct. 4, 1861. Appointed Capt. & A. Q. M. 3d Battn. La. Inf. (Report, A.O.)

Baylor's (J.R.) Comd.
June 7,1862. Relieved from duty with 3d Batt. La. Inf., and assigned to duty in the Dept. of Arizona and will report to Gov. Baylor. (S.O.131(6) AGO)
Aug. 21, 1862. Says he was ordered to Gov. Baylor to turn over all funds belongs to the

Q. M. Dept. to Capt. C. H. Merritt and assume the duties of Comsy. of the Brig.,

on which duty he continued till the 21st of May, 1863 (PP Oct. 14,1864)
Aug. 21, 1862. Addressed by Gov. Baylor, comdg. C. S. Par. Rangers as "Maj. J. S. West,

Chief Comy. of Sub. Gov. Baylor's par. Rangers, San Antonio, Tex. (PP)
Sept. 30, Oct. 31, &D_ec.5, 1862 & Jan. 16, 1863. At Hdqrs. Co may. Dept. of Baylor's

Brig. of Par. Ran. signs as Maj. & C.s.(PP)

Feb. 10 May 5 & April 8, 1863. At Hdqrs. Comsy. Dept. of Arizona _rig., signs as Maj. &



May 21, 1863. Addressed as Jam. & C. S. and ordered to Columbus, Tex., to relieve Capt. J.

E. Garey, A. Q. M., of the duties of Comy., to which he was assigned and ordered

to furnish a new bond as Maj & Comsy. By order of General Magruder. (PP)
May 21, 1863 - Oct. 9, 1864. Says he continued on duty during above time as Comy. in Dist

of Tex., etc., when at latter date he was reassigned to duty in Q. M. Dept.

(PP Oct. 14, 1864)

Bankhead's (S.P. ) Comd

July 9, 1863. Announced as Maj. & C. S. on staff of Actg. Brig. Gen. S. P. Bankhead, comdg

Northern Sub-Dist. of Texas. (G.O.s), Bankhead.)
July , 1863. Return shows him Maj. & C. S. of 2d Brig., 2d Div., Col. Bankhead comdg 2d

Post Comsy.
Nov. 10, 1863. Return Dist. of Tex., dtc, shows him as Maj. & Post Comsy. at Nacogdoches,
Nov. 10, 1864. At Office of Comy. Depot, Nacogdoches, Tex., signs as Maj. & C. S. (PP)
June 10, 1864. "The following named offices of the Q. M. Dept., their present duties and

stations being unknown, are dropped from the rolls: X X X Capt. J. S. West,


(S.O.135(3) AGO)

Above order revoked by Par. 32, S.O.69,Mar.24, 1865.
Post Q.M.
Oct. 9, 1864. Says that by S.O.253, Hdqrs. Trans-Miss. Dept., he was ordered to duty again

in the Q. M. Dept. (PP Oct. 14, 1864)
Nov. 15, 1864. Says he has been Post Q. M. at Nacogdoches, TEx., since Oct. 9, 1864, and signs as Capt. &A. Q. M. (PP)
Dec. 18,1864. Capt. & A. Q. M. reports under G. O.71(1-70-3199,W
Memo. - No record found after Mar. 24,1865
Paroled - - - - -1865 at--

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