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Co E, 1st IHG

Amongst the letters of Warren Day, late of the 13th Kansas, was a hand written roster of Company E, 1st IHG. I thought I would post the names of the officers and sergeants. I know there is a site where the IHG are listed. This is an original documentt, thus the names may be in conflict with the records. I would be surprised if they weren't given the names of the two officers, five sergeants, five corporals and 83 other ranks.
Captain: No co so Locher
Lieutenant: Kot so gee
Sergeant (1) Yok ah de ah jo la

(2) Ah luk fu so ko

(3) Pa hos ha jo

(4) Oe kus ha jo

(5) John Francis
Corporal (1) Fash mucche ho la

(2) Wax se ha jo

(3) Mik Onup pa

(4) Fhla kus ha jo

(5) Oh Johu e mat la

This brings up the question of Translation. In compiling a true roster of the companies of the IHG it would seem to me that a translation of the names would be needed, what tribe and language. I am not even close to certain that I have read these names right, nor am I certain that Warren Day, as the orderly sergeant wasn't using a form of phonetic spelling. I do believe this is something needing looking into. Thoughts on this important issue would be appreciated on how to approach this problem.