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Fort Gibson State Statute

SS 74-357.4. Transfer to United States as National Monument or National Military Park.

The Oklahoma Historical Society shall have power and authority to transfer
and convey Fort Gibson Military Park, or any part thereof, to the United States of
America or to any of its duly authorized agencies for the purpose of the
designation, maintenance, and operation of said military park as a National
Monument or a National Military Park. Said transfer may be made without any
other considerations than that the United States than that the United States
Government will designate and maintain said park, or any part thereof, as a
National Monument of a National Military Park.

This is a poorly written statute. National Monument designation and National
Military Park designations are two very different forms of legislation (only to
be dictated by Congress). A National Historic Site designation would be a more
appropriate legislative act, should Congress ever be prodded by the Oklahoma
Congressional delegation and support from citizens. But first, the two
legal terms referring to the designations would have to be removed.
In other words, nothing will ever occur.