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Re: Fort Gibson/Blunt laundresses

Thanks, George. I am familiar with Fort Scott's information and also, the Civil War laundresses.
The latter were not tied down as were company laundresses at far flung frontier posts. The
Regular army laundresses, true, accompanied their units upon transfer to other posts while
I think that the CW women were probably limited to winter camps and fortifications during
the war. I have about 75 pages of information from autobiographies of officers and their
wives (while laundresses were in the Regulations, officer wives weren't!), Congressional
testimony concerning the abolishment of laundresses (effective, 1878 but not totally gone
until 1883, due to enlisted men, whose wives were laundresses, had their five year enlistments
ended), and other sources. Laundresses were entitled to quarters-almost always substandard-
and, frequently, that was a common tent (a specific type of tent). Again, George, thanks for
the input.

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