The Indian Territory in the Civil War Message Board

A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion

AKA, Dyer's Compendium. This very useful book, compiled by a Civil War veteran,
can be found on the site, The Civil War Archive, using the onsite index, Union Regimental
Index. Short, yet detailed, encapsulated entries are to be found, giving dates formed,
mustered in, places served, battles and losses (dead from battles, diseases; desertions).
It is useful to see what Union units served in the IT, however brief. For instance, my ggg
grandfather, who enlisted in the 6h MO SMC, in 1863 (and dying of dysentery in 1864),
apparently, made it down to Fort Gibson and Honey Springs (after the battle). Again,
quite useful material can be extracted from this valuable research tool. Good luck, on
your own research!