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Indian Brigade in Union Army

Steve, I would suggest that a new topic be posted on your proposal, which I have copied below:

By: Stephen B. McCartney
Date: 2/3/2020, 7:32 am
In Response To: U.S. Cavalry - Regular Army (Carroll Messer)

"The old Dragoons, now cavalry, tried hard to keep their orange but, by 1862, time and uniforms had passed and they had to succumb to the (yellow) times. Probably, the same with the new Third Cavalry and their green trim. Old traditions died hard. Finally, the army, in the late 1940's and 1950's destroyed regiments (i.e., the 7th Cavalry of today has no true relation to the unit formed in 1866.

What my (Stephen B. McCartney) wish is, is that the Oklahoma AG will request that the battle honors of the Indian Brigade, be transferred from the Kansas National Guard, to our state. After all, these three regiments were federally raised, with some Kansas officers, along with native American officers. This would extend the history of Oklahoma citizen warriors back to 1862-1863."

I have quickly reviewed the following Oklahoma Historical Society's coverage of the topic of "Indian Brigades." First, they separate Union Indian Brigades from Confederate Indian Brigades, so we must be clear on this distinction.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Indian Expedition of 1862

First and Second Union Brigades

Confederate Indian Cavalry Bridges

Second, someone like Ken Martin, a Cherokee who knows this topic as well as anyone, would be a good candidate for joining your team of advocates for such a worthy cause. I would think there are others.

I look forward to any other comments or suggestions that may be posted on this topic.