The Indian Territory in the Civil War Message Board

Extending OKNG battle honors to the CW

I have been in contact with the executive director of the 45h Infantry Division Museum suggesting that the battle honors and
heritage of the Oklahoma National Guard be extended back to the Civil War. This, based on both the services of the Indian Brigade
and the Southern units raised by the Five Tribes. I had mentioned the subject on this board several years ago. I suggested to Dr.
Neill that she check with the participants on this board as many of you know far, far more than I about the war in the Indian
Territory. My argument is that as a number of Southern states are allowed battle streamers and lineages which in many cases
go as far back as the War of !812 and some New England states even earlier by the Department of Army. It will be difficult to
convince the DA to approve and may very well require support from the governor and our Congressional delegation.