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John W. Alberty

Back working on my Bryan project after about 5 years of doing one more book on Mosby. Am working on nailing down all Bryan's captains, specifically in this case John W. Alberty. I have included below four transcribed documents that concern a "Capt. Alberty" one idenifying John W. Alberty with Bryan's Battn. Would appreciate ideas and thoughs on research to determine which Alberty family he belonged to and anything other info. on his military career.

Records of the War Department Collection of Confederate Records
Record Group 109
Chapter II, Volume 270
Letters Sent, Gen. William Steele’s Command
March 1862- May 1863

Page 100, J. F. Crosby to Capt. Alberty Feb. 20, 1863

Hd. Qts. Ft. Smith Feb. 20/63
Capt. Very serious complaints have been made at Hd. Qrs. concerning the destruction of property & killing stock in the vicinity of your encampment.
You must put a stop to this as it is to you as the commander of the comp. that a strict -------- will attach in all matters of this kind. You must trust your men that they are not in the service for the purpose of wantonly destroying the property of our own citizens, the good soldiers thd rather seek to destroy the enemies of his country & give them fully to understand that future acts of this kind complained of will receive the severest punishment.

By Order of Maj. Gen. Steele
Capt. Alberty (Comdy Co.) J. F. Crosby AAG

Confederate Veteran, Vol. 5, 1897, Page 619
“Service in Arkansas – Brown’s Battalion”
(No author given but believed to be by Benjamin H. Greathouse)

-------- During the summer (1864) Capt. Alberty, a Cherokee Indian, called for volunteers to attack Fayetteville, Ark, where a regiment of Federals was entrenched behind breastworks. A number of our boys volunteered to go, the Federals numbering ten to one. The attack was a failure, and the Federals dashed out after them as they retreated, -----------

Records of the War Department Collection of Confederate Records
Record Group 109
Chapter II, Volume 259
District of the Indian Territory
Inspector General’s Office, Letters Sent, April 1864 – May 1865

Page 128, Jas Patteson AIG to Maj. R. (Richard) Fields, Mar. 5, 1865

--------- Capt. Alberty’s Co. organized June 12, 1864 but I understand he is dead, if such is the case, his successor will rank from the date of promotion & the company be lettered accordingly.

Page 188, Jas Patteson AIG to Cpt. T. M. Scott., Mar. 5, 1865

Capt. Joseph E. Wright Containing 60 Privates
Capt. John W. Alberty ditto 61
Capt. W. H. Earp ditto 72
Capt. W. C, Daniel ditto 62
Capt. Martin Carpenter ditto 60
Capt. J. H. Crouch ditto 61
Capt. Jas. Stewart
Capt. J. H. Trower
Capt. John Miller ditto 64

Page 134, Jas Patteson AIG to Lt. Col. Bryan, Mar. 17, 1865

Regulation requires that the letter of a company shall correspond with the rank of the Capt. comdy, company, and as Capt. Alberty has been killed since the election of all the other captains with exception of “Miller”, ------

Transcribed by: Hugh Keen
March 17, 2023

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