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I was told that one of my kin faught with morgans Raiders.
I do not have the name but I have my Family tree. I was hopeing to find a list of the ones who rode with him and look them up in my tree. The names in my tree are McClain,Ray,Wilson,Carpenter,Goodpaster,Donathan,Donahue,and one of them I believe was Levi Carpenter and William Wells Donahue.
Wish I could be exact but I cant remember the exact name. My mom died in a car wreck in MtSterling Ky in December and one of my kin told me about it. My mind was not all there at the time. I was born in Stepstone KY,just outside of MtSterling. Between MtSterling and Owingsville. On the Montgomery and bath Co Line.
Thx for your help. Sorry i cant do better.

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