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Hi Jason,

When you get a chance to go over to the Kenton County library on Scott Street (just read your N. Ky "actions" post) there are a few things there for you to explore.

The library owns copies of microfilm publications from the National Archives regarding Newport Barracks. The 1st Battalion of the 15th U.S. Infantry was recruited and headquartered there in the late summer of 1861 for example. A very important site, and one that isn't greatly appreciated, not just for Civil War history, but also for the history of the Army throughout most of the 19th Century.

Look for info on the 23rd Kentucky which was raised in Boone, Campbell, and Kenton. The Adjt. Genls. Report for the State is a good place to start for a brief history of the regiment. Solid Third Division, Fourth Corps "Hard Times Division" regiment.

Check out too the microfilmed reels of the Covington Journal, great source of info, most of it unpublished and unknown. For example, you can read about the formation of the Madeira Guard in 1861, a Covington company that became the nucleus of Co. H, 2nd Ky. Inf. (CS) led by a prominent Covington attorney during the period, Aston Madeira.

When Morgan was in the State previous to the Bragg/Smith/Kentucky campaign, he recruited in Boone, Grant, and Campbell. Northern Kentuckians served in companies of the 2nd Cav., 8th Cav., 11th I believe, and others went into battalions such as Jesse's Mounted Rifles which became part of the Sixth Confederate Cav. Battalion, they served under Marshall, later in Morgan's Brigade during the 1864/Cynthiana raid.

Also, if you happen to find an ancestor in Morgan's Brigade, the library owns microfilm copies of the Compiled Service Records from the National Archives of the men in the regiments of the brigade who served during the great raid in 1863.

They have a set of the OR's (Official Record of the War of the Rebellion) as well as Confederate Veteran, primary research stuff.

There is a small, locally published work on Snow's Pond, as well as another on Civil War soldiers from Boone County, taken from records at Burlington. You will have to get the help of the librarians on finding those, as I'm afraid I don't remember the names of the authors.

There are two books on Cincinnati and the Civil War authored by a fellow named Wimbaugh, these are mostly just collected articles from the Cincinnati papers, but include some N. Ky material, as the Cincinnati papers reported goings on in N. Ky. The second volume deals primarily with the "Siege" in Sept. 1862, and N. Ky played a considerable role of course.

A few of the highlights, lots of neat stuff to check out. A very rich history here, but I'm afraid you will have to dig out much of it yourself.

Good luck to you.


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