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The unit you mentioned was not a member of the pre-war Kentucky State Guard, but was a part of the "Kentucky State Troops". By the middle of the war, Kentucky was pretty much overrun by guerrillas from both (or neither) sides. The Kentucky State Troops was a creation of the Kentucky General Assembly during the war, to provide a force for the protection of our own people. I think they had complained to Washington for some protection from bushwackers, but were ignored so they created their own defense force. Since these were troops in state service, they were not eligible for the Federal pensions after the war, which were liberally granted to men that served in Kentucky units sworn into Federal service. Both of the units you mentioned should be listed in the Adjutant General's report of Federal volunteers. I'm not aware of many records on the units, but tou might try the Kentucky Military History museum in Frankfort. I know that they are not mentioned in the "Official Records."

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