The Kentucky in the Civil War Message Board - Archive

Important Announcement!

Hi Everybody,

FINALLY, in combination with the "techies" at my Domain Name Server, I've gotten the "Automatic Response Notification" and "Digest" features working on the message boards.

For those of you new to the message boards, here is an explanation of these features.

Automatic Response Notification

When you include your email address with your postings, it is unnecessary to constantly return to the message board to see if someone has answered or responded to you. You will receive an email notification stating that someone has responded to your message that includes a link to take you directly to the response.


If you'd like to receive a daily listing of the postings on one or more of the "History-Sites.Com" message boards, simply click on the (Un)Subscribe link in the navigation and enter your email address. You will receive a daily listing of all the new messages posted with their content and a link directly to each new message. For you busy folks, "on the go", this makes it much easier to keep up with the activity on your favorite message boards.

We also have a NEW FEATURE!

Blind Email

If you include your email address with your posting, others can email you directly without revealing your email to the them. This preserves your privacy and prevents you from having to include your email address in the body of your message to be contacted by email.

I would strongly encourage everyone to keep your discussions on the message boards; however, if you'd like to make direct contact this new feature makes it easier.

If you're having any problems with these features, please tell me and include as much information as possible.

Jim Martin