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John C. Lewis - A forgetful past?

Recently, Martin Suiter posted on this message board a query regarding one, John C. Lewis, listed as a member of the 5th KY Mtd Inf (CS). I'm convinced due to additional references to a John C. Lewis and the county where he lived (Morgan)that this man was also in Field's Company of Partisan Rangers and ultimately, the 7th Confederate Cavalry Battalion. The latter two units have, arguably, a less than sterling war record as they were engaged in much of the guerrilla and factional fighting in East KY and TN in the latter stages of the war.

In the widow's pension application for John C. Lewis' wife Lucinda, she makes no mention of his service other than in the 5th KY Mtd Inf. Could this have been by design to distance herself and her family from a connection with these somewhat notorious units in post-war Kentucky? Was it unusual for veterans and their widows to not list service with partisan or units of sordid reputation after the war when applying for pensions?

Your comments please,

Jim Martin

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John C. Lewis - A forgetful past?
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