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"NEW" Civil War News and Views Message Board

To coincide with the opening of the movie "Gods and Generals", I've just opened the "Civil War News and Views Message Board" an Open Discussion Forum.

On this site you may post your views and opinions on issues of current interest on non-history related Civil War topics. This is an "OPEN DISCUSSION FORUM" so you should anticipate that the discussions on this site will be a little "harsher" than those you've come to expect on our "History-Only" sites. If you're not prepared to be challenged or to have your opinions attacked, I would suggest you NOT post on this site.

Just about everything can be discussed on this site, as long as it is even remotely Civil War related. You can post your opinions on Civil War movies, books, the Confederate Battle Flag controversy, the cause of the Civil War / War Between the States and other contentious issues. Please read the "First Time Visitors" page to understand the limited rules on this message board. Watch the profanity, no threats and enjoy learning about others inane, but heartfelt views. Keep your "head" and don't bring any arguments back to the "History-Only" sites.

Well, "push up your sleeves", "set your jaw" and "brace yourself" the Civil War News and Views Message Board is open and "ready for business".