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lost Confederate Soldier

Thank you for setting up these pages. It is very intersting reading.
I only wish I could find my Confederate Grandfather as easily as I found my Union Grandfather.
After thrty years, I am still running cold. If I could afford to send for every WILLIAM TUCKER in the archives, I would do so, but it is very spendy.
If anyone has records that could get me started, I would be forever grateful.
WILIAM TUCKER, as far as we can figure out, was born abt. 1838, in Jeferson or Bracken Co. His father was David Tucker.
His wife was Amanda Hinson. I really don't know if this information makes a difference.
The list, which I have narrowed down, of recruits are as follows:

William C 8 Kentucky Calvary Private
William H 9 Kentucky Calvary Private
William F Wood's Regiment Calvary Private
William E 2 Woodward's Kentucky Calvary Private
WIlliam /AKA/ Wiliam H. C 8 Kentucy Calvary Private
William G 2 Kentucky Mounted Infantry Private

Thank you oeand all

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