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Records in the Roster of Confederate Soldiers, 1861-1865 are slim:

Aubrey, Marcellus F. KY 5th Inf. Co.B
Bailey, William Wallace KY 5th Inf. Co.F,D
Beck, William KY 5th Inf. Co.E
Byrd, Michael T. KY 5th Inf. Co.A
Caudill, John M. KY 5th Inf. Co.F
Davis, James KY 5th Inf. Co.A

Compendium of Confederate Armies - KY, MD, MO, & Confederate Units & Indian Units, by Stewart Sifakis, pg 37-38

KY 5th Inf Reg organized 10/22/1861 - reorganized "for the war" 10/20/1862 - consolidated into 8 Co's 11/18/1862 - Co's A & B, Desha's Inf Batt'n assigned as 3rd Co's I & K respectively 8/22/1863 - mounted at Barnesville, GA 9/4/1864 - surrendered at Washington, GA 5/6/1865

First Commander: John S. Williams, Col
[Williams, John S. KY 2nd Mtd.Inf. Co.B
Williams, John S. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Col.]

Field Officers: George W. Connor, Maj., Lt Col.
[Conner, George W. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.H Lt.Col.]
Hiram Hawkins, Maj., Lt Col., Col.
[Hawkins, Hiram KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.C Col.]
Andrew J. May, Lt Col., Col.
[May, Andrew J. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.A Col.]
William Mynheir, Maj.
Mynheir, William KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.A Maj.]

Abbott, Joseph M. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.E Capt.
Actman, William KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.A
Acton, W.D. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Co.H Capt.
Beckwith, C.M. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Capt.
Johnson, Thomas KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Capt.
Rogers, William S. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Capt.
Stuart, N.A. KY 5th Mtd.Inf. Capt.,QM

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