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A lot of the 20th Kentucky Inf men who were captured during April 1865 in Alabama with the 6th Kentucky Cav have incomplete records, many CMSRs only show a muster-in date, and a parole record, with a statement that the man was lost on the Sultana. As many as a dozen have no capture date assigned to their records, but were obviously prisoners to be aboard the steamer on April 27, 1865.

Sutherland says that Croxton lost 38 at Trion, and between Steve and myself most of those can be accounted for. That leaves 6-8 who must have been captured between Sipsey Mills and King's Bridge on April 6. These considerations would put Croxton's total casualties at nearly 60 or more for this date.

I am confused by Sutherland's report about the Tuscaloosa casualties. The casualty report of the 2nd Michigan Cav. only specifies four losses, all wounded (one mortally) from the cadets' Springfields. I wonder if he meant five instead of twenty-five? I have tried to get a copy of his original report, but to no avail.

As has Steve, I have found no casualties for the 6th Kentucky Cav on Apri 3-4. From what I have found the 8th Iowa Cav did most of the destruction of the University on April 4. Croxton's original regiment, the 4th Kentucky Infantry (Mounted), must have been his pets and saw little action as they incurred only incidental losses (3 at Pleasant Grove on April 6) during the campaign.

There are a couple of men of question in Company D, 6th Kentucky Cav, Sutherland's detachment which burned the Pickens County courthouse, fought at Carrollton-Franconia, and were attached the morning of April 7, 1865, at King's Store. I also have a family story which may account for one of these men killed by a civilian (woman) north of Carrollton on April 5, 1865. The men with incomplete records are, naturally, soldiers transferred from the 20th Kentucky Inf. One is just noted that he was "absent at muster-out," whatever that means. Other men who have been listed as killed on the Sultana from the 6th Kentucky Cav either left the regiment much earlier (either dead or alive) or have no record on the rolls of the 6th.

I would venture to say that the 6th Kentucky Cav had only about 250 or less effectives during April 1865, making it Croxton's weakest regiment (4th Kent. Mnt. Inf, 400, 8th Iowa Cav, 600, which leaves only 500 to split between 2nd Michigan and the 6th Kentucky Cav).

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