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His list has a couple things that need correcting:

1) Ft. Defiance - New Providence - is not in Kentucky - it is just north of downtown Clarksville, TN. At the time of Ft. Defiance's construction, it was in the town of New Providence - which is now just a district of Clarksville.

2) Ft. Halleck - CS fort at Columbus, KY. There is no way the Confederates would name a fort after a Union general - this was the name the Union gave to CS Ft. De Russy, which was the largest fort built at Columbus, KY - after Columbus was abandoned by Polk.

3) I did not find Camp Coleman on the listing - which is listed in Ben Franklin Cooling's book "Ft. Donelson's Legacy." This was a Confederate camp used by Adam Rankin Johnson, Thomas Woodward and was visited by John Hunt Morgan. It was located between Hopkinsville and Russellville, KY on the fork of the Red River.

Greg Biggs
Clarksville CWRT

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