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Some other corrections/notes
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Fort Thomas was built after the WBTS - I don't remember exactly when, but I'm thinking Span-Am War time period. It was a military post, not an actual fortification. During the WBTS, Battery R.W. Lee sat on ground that was later Fort Thomas.

"Old Battery" was a local name for Battery Rich, which does not appear on this listing.

There was no site in/around Covington named "Fort Covington."

Battery JLM Kirby was actually Btty JL Kirby Smith.

Battery McKee - see McRae (correct name).

Fort Mitchel has only one "l" in it (named for Gen. O.M. Mitchel).

Some omissions - Bttys Larz Anderson, Bates, Buford, Burbank, Burnett, Carlisle, Coombs, Hatch, Hooper (all outside Covington - USA), Fort Henry (Covington - USA), Btty Holt (Newport - USA), Bttys Groesbeck 1 and 2 (Newport - USA), Fort Burnside (Newport - USA).

Geoff Walden

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