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CPT Powell,

Reading Military History has been my pasttime for many years, I'm 58. Just in the past ten years I've discovered my families Civil War History. My Moores family was from Estill Co. Ky and I had 4 great grand uncles who were all in Co. E , 4th Ky Inf. Two sets of full brothers who happenned to be step brothers James & Archibald Moores(both attained rank of captain and both were captured at different times. Thomas and William Scrivner both enlisted.

James suffered illness from exposure to inclimate weather During Stones River chasing Morgan in Ky. He was sent home in april 1863 and returned to his company after Chickamauga only to be captured at Newnan, Ga. in '64.

Archibald was at Chickamauga. The 4th opened the battle proper against Forrest and infantry west of Reeds Bridge. On the second day they were just right of the Longstreet's breakthrough which routed the Union Right. Elements of the 4th wound up with Gen. Thomas on Snodgrass Hill. Archibald was knocked unconscious and was left in the Snodgrass Cabin awakening to a Rebel officer over him demanding his sword. He spent 15 months in Rebel prisons 1st at Libby then finally in Columbia, S.C. He is only one of two officers mentioned in the after action report of a Maj. Kelly. They were in Croxton's Brigade.

One of the Scrivner may also have been captured there, family oral history has him sent to Andersonville and dying after being liberated. The other Scrivner died of disease in Tuscumbia, Alabama the summer after Shiloh. The Scrivners are also uncles as their sister married my Great Great grandfather.

I've been all over Chickamauga Battlefield, if you've been there and never hiked the trails you can't have an appreciation of the "toughness" of the terrain there. Can't see it from the beautiful manicured roads, it is brutal.

James returned to the army because of the brutal guerilla activity in central Ky. He felt safer in the Army. Archibald finally caught up with his Regiment at Waterloo, Alabama on the Tn River.

Col. Cyrus Sugg of 50th Tn is related by marriage. He was mortally wounded at Missionary ridge. There was a Moores named Cyrus Sugg Moores after the brave Colonel.

Just a little something you've probably never read about the 4th Ky.

D.L. Moores

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