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Seeking help

Would like to ID the men in this letter. I have reason to believe that Thomas Clay may be in the 2nd KY Mtd Infantry, CSA. I beleve John K. Arnold may be serving in the Union army. My goal is to ID these men and get a scan to the desecndants of these men. Any help appreciated.



Head-Quarters District of the Ohio.
Nashville May 8th 1862

Thos H. Clay,

Dr Sir,

Let your memory carry you back to the winter of 58-59 when you were attending the State University at Madison, Wisconsin, and by so doing I think you will remember your old friend who was there attending Bacons Commercial College whose name is at the bottom of this note. You will excuse me I know for stepping in upon and writing you in this impolite manner but I have long desired to hear from you, have written you several letters but could receive no answer from you, and not until quite recently did I learn that you were on the “other side of the fence” from myself and at Camp Chase. Though I deeply regret it yet I will refrain from saying any thing which would in any way injure your feelings but trust that our old friendship may be once more renewed and there we may say & do as we like.

My object in writing you was principally to renew our acquaintance and to become the same that we were in the good days gone by and now Tom (if you will allow me the old familiar term) here is my hand as free as though this war had never begun and we never knew of it and I hope you will give me yours as freely as mine is given. Let us correspond with each other and relate our experiences since we last heard from each other and should you desire this worthy of a reply I will give you a quick return and tell you what I am doing in these Head Quarters. Tell me where Tom Veniout is? And if I can in any way be of any service to you I beg of you to call on me and I will do all I can. Please write me soon and believe me as of old.
Your Friend

John K. Arnold

P.S. I have learned your whereabouts through one Pumel Bishop of Lexington who is a clerk in these Head Quarters.

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