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Re: Col. Frank Wolford Court Martial

Wolford in his speech of March 10, 1864 attacked the Lincoln administration for its many abuses of power, violating the Constitution, changing the reason for going to war, "violation of the rules of civilized warfare," etc.

Sounds like the present administration.

A few days later Lincoln had him dishonorably discharged.

He was not arrested until June 27, 1864, after giving other speeches. He was then paroled. Lincoln promised to dismiss the charges of Wolford ceased making speeches. Wolford continued to speak. He was then re-arrested by General Burbridge. Lincoln soon had him released.

Hambleton Tapp wrote "Incidents in the Life of Frank Wolford, Colonel of the First Kentucky Union Cavalry," in the Filson Club History Quarterly, issue of April 1936, volume 10, pp. 82-99. The article can also be found in the book, "A Kentucky Sampler: Essays from The Filson Club History Quarterly, 1926-1977," published in 1977 by the University Press of Kentucky. I will sell you my copy of the book if you like.

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