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Re: Civil War Sniper--John Hinson


The Buchanans have a cemetery near Bear Creek, so it is likely close to their home in the War. Would that have made them neighbors of Jack Hinson? Is it between Dover and Ft. Donelson?


The first Buchanan Cemetery is said to be "located 1.2 miles N. on Hwy 79 on right bank of Bear Creek" (pg. 218). Under this first Buchanan Cemetery heading is a list of the following interments:

Buchanan, Hercules. - July 22, 1792 - Apr 16, 1868
Tubbs, infant son of L.M. Tubbs - Mar 12, 1880-Mar 12,1880
Tubbs, Lemuel - May 3, 1818-July 15, 1863
Buchanan, W. B. - Oct. 30, 1831-Sept 9, 1872
Unknowns, 25 - possibly more, all graves are sunk in
McElroy, C.J. - June 7-Nov 1854
Tubbs, R.D. - May 17, 1860-Sept 28, 1861
Tubbs, infant of R.D. Tubbs - no dates
Unknown, infant
Unknowns, 7

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Re: Civil War Sniper--John Hinson
Re: Civil War Sniper--John Hinson