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Hello Linda,
According to his obituary, my gr grandfather, Dr. John Fleming Rodgers, was born in Bourbon Co., KY.. He moved around a lot, living in the Franklin area some with his first wife, Margaret E. Pattie. While there is when I think he served with the 11th Ky Cavalry. Two or three of his brothers served with the South. He moved to Clifton, near Versailles, Woodford Co., Ky with his second wife, my great grandmother, Sarah Isabel Williams and spent the last 28 yrs or so of his life there.

As for our line, for years I got no further than he. But thanks to a distant Rodgers cousin up in Ky (descended from Dr. Rodgers' sister) I now have them back to around 1300 in England. The name was FitzRogers back then. I was told that Fitz in front of a name was Norman. So I reckon they came over with William the Conqueror from Normandy in 1066AD when he took England or shortly thereafter. They came from England to Virginia first. Giles Rogers was the first (Born 1643/45 in England--D. 1739/40 in Virginia) to come over. His wife died in Queen and King Co., Va.. Gile's Gr Grandson Joseph Hale Rodgers and most of his siblings were born in Orange Co., Va but moved to Kentucky. One of his brothers was killed at the Battle of Blue Lick, Ky., one of the very last Rev War battles. But Joseph moved back to Lewisburg, Va where his sons and grandchildren were born. These grandchildren of Joseph's moved to Ky. Two, Hamilton and Fleming P. Rodgers, moved to Missouri.

Anyway, my grandfather left Ky looking for work in the early 1900s and wouund up in Alabama where he met and married my grandmother. That is how we wound up here.

It is funny you mention Cherokee blood. My gr grandfather looks dark to me, with very dark hair. My mom had almost black hair and her brother and his sons had slightly swarthy comlexions and would tan real easily, with wiry but soft black hair. I asked Uncle John did he know if we had any Native American blood in the Rodgers line. He did not know.

If you would like, give me your e-mail address and I will send you my Rodgers Family File and pics of Dr. John Fleming Rodgers.
Take care,
David Edelen

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