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Geoff, Same things are happening in Georgia. There are state laws protecting all Confederate Monuments, names, flags, or anything associated with the Confederate States of America. The mayor of Atlanta held a behind closed door meeting with the city council about renaming Confederate Avenue, and removing all Confederate monuments. The city of Decatur is now planning to remove a monument. And Stone Mountain is next on their list. A very popular Battlefield Museum was also force to remove the battle flags from out side, so they complied and moved them inside, well the rookie commissioner wanted them removed from there, which resulted in the Battlefield and museum closing. Even cemeteries are being renamed. I cannot quote the law word for word but it says something like..."No Confederate statues, monuments, or flags may be moved from public view, covered, removed or altered" Stone Mtn. is also covered. But yet the "Politically Correct Idiots" are doing it. Out side influence is the main source of the problem. We have people coming from all over the country, and if that is not enough a public law firm is demanding the law be changed, and they are from Alabama.
So my question is, since these politicians are breaking the law, will they be arrested and tried? We all know the answer to that, so since they are willingly breaking the law, does that mean they will turn their backs on other people breaking the law? Will we eventually see laws being broken with no one held responsible? Will we become a lawless country because these law breakers are not held accountable??
The last survey I read was like 78% say leave the Confederate markers, monuments, and flags alone.
44% of the black population say leave them alone. But all these mayors and governors say they know what is best for their city or state, so now we are losing, "again" what the founding fathers said.
Majority rules, and laws are for the people and by the people" So now we have one person with their commissioners or council members deciding what is best for us, and no matter what the law is and no matter what, they will not hold a vote to see what the majority has to say. They will change what ever they want to better their political career, no matter who does not like it, and they are bowing to outside influence, which means accepting outside money and favors.

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