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Sypert’s Kentucky Cavalry regiment was organized c. September 1864. Some companies may have previously served together as a battalion. The regiment also went by the name of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry and the 16th Kentucky Cavalry and served in The Department of Western Kentucky under Adam R. Johnson and Hylan B. Lyon. Sypert was appointed Colonel in September 1864 for three months and re-appointed in March 1865.

Colonel - Leonidas (Lee) A. Sypert
Lieut.Cols. - Robert B. L. Soery (killed at Bear Creek, TN.), L. D. Hockersmith
Major - J. Taylor Walker

Johnson's "Partisan Rangers of the Confederate Army" pp.333-334 (available online) gives a listing of the following companies:
Co. A - Capt. William C. Kuykendall
Co. B - Capt. Henry Wilson
Co. C - Capt. Presley Carr
Co. D - Capt. George Sellers
Co. E - Capt. Nathaniel Calhoun
Co. F - Capt. Webster
Co. G - Capt. B. F. Wallace
Co. H - Capt. Neil Helm
Co. I - Capt. Al McGoodwyn
Co. K - Capt. Nelson

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