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Julius McGuire rode with Morgan in 1864

Looking for information on Dr. Julius McGuire, aka J.E. McGuire, aka J.W. McGuire, who served with Morgan in 1864. McGuire was born March 22, 1826 in Boone County, Missouri, died Feb. 8, 1906. He served as a lieutenant in the Confederate-supporting Missouri State Guard in 1861.

He was a physician by trade, and appears to have been a Confederate recruiter and surgeon for Jackman's command around Boone County Missouri throughout 1863. Then he ends up in Kentucky with Morgan in 1864.

Major Kentucky roots. His father was Levi McGuire, born August 1, 1801, in Henry County Kentucky. Mother Susan Martinie McGuire, born in Kentucky ca. 1810. Married Sarah A. Morris in Henry County Kentucky in 1881.

We have a bio on him which provides a brief reference to him having served with Morgan in Kentucky in 1864 so I'm hoping for details to fill to fill that 1864 gap in his service, and anything else there might be on him in the Bluegrass State. Any help would be appreciated.