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The Brierfield Rebels (Carroll Parish)

The Brierfield Rebels was organized at Providence, Louisiana, August 10, 1861, composed mostly of men from Carroll Parish. The company enlisted in Confederate service at Memphis, Tennessee, on September 1, 1861, and was assigned to the 6th Battalion Arkansas Cavalry as Company D. On April 20, 1862, the Brierfield Rebels was consolidated with Company F, the Macon Cavalry, of Madison Parish, Louisiana; and on May 15, 1862, the consolidated Louisiana cavalry troop became Company C, 2nd Regiment Arkansas Cavalry.

Roster of the Brierfield Rebels.

Allen, Cicero M--Private.
Allen, Columbus H--Private.
Baskin, R P--Private.
Beasley, Emanuel--Private.
Blackman, B Jr--Private.
Booth, Hull--Private.
Bradford, Benjamin F--Private.
Bradford, J B--Private.
Bunch, A H--Private.
Byrnes, James--Private.
Chandler, B J--Private.
Clark, R W--Private.
Clark, S E P--Private.
Cochran, Thomas M--Third Lieutenant.
Collins, George H--Private.
Conner, Patrick--Private.
Cooke, A J--Private.
Dalton, Stewart--Private.
Dart, T D--Private.
Davis, M M--Private.
Delaney, David--Private.
Dougherty, Joel E--Private.
Dougherty, John--Private.
Dunklin, Joseph H--Private.
Elliott, J B--Private.
Elliott, John C--Private.
Emanuel, R J--Second Lieutenant.
Faith, Henry--Private.
Fletcher, John--Private.
Gaddis, T F--First Lieutenant.
Gardner, James C--Private.
Goodwin, C C--Private.
Green, John T--Private.
Herrin, James N--Private.
Holston, P R--Private.
Howard, Bridges--Private.
Ingram, B S--Private.
Ingram, H B--Private.
Lake, George--Private.
Latting, A J--Private.
Locke, W W--Private.
Lusk, A M D C--Private.
McCarroll, George--Private.
McDonald, Joel--Private.
McHugh, Thomas--Private.
McLaughlin, Thomas--Private.
McNeill, Archibald J--Captain.
Mahoney, Lawrence--Private.
Martin, Ed--Private.
May, Charles--Private.
Maynard, George--Private.
Newman, Edward F--Private.
Nicholas, William--Private.
Noland, J C--Private.
Peers, G B--Private.
Powell, John--Private.
Quigley, John M--Private.
Richardson, J S--Private.
Roberts, W J--Private.
Rodrico, Manuel--Private.
Shannon, Patrick--Private.
Spinetti, John--Private.
Spurlock, J S--Private.
Strasner, Frank--Musician.
Sweeney, Thomas--Private.
Taylor, Charles J--Private.
Taylor, Francis Marion--Private.
Thompson, William H--Private.
Tompkins, Frank W--Private.
Trimble, A J--Private.
Watson, Jeremiah--Private.
Watson, Thomas--Private.

I'll be posting detailed, annotated rosters of the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry at the link below in the near future.