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The Ashley Rangers

The Ashley Rangers was organized at Hamburg, Arkansas, on July 11, 1862, and was composed mostly of men from Ashley County, Arkansas, but included men from Union, Drew, and Chicot counties, as well as a few from northern Louisiana. The company was assigned to the 13th Battalion Louisiana Partisan Rangers. This battalion was later incorporated into the 5th Louisiana Cavalry. Many of the Ashley Rangers had previously served in Arkansas regiments, including several from the 3rd Arkansas Infantry of the famed Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. Let me know if you want any details on any of these men.

Roster of the Ashley Rangers.

Adams, Chesley F--Private.
Adams, John E--Private.
Adams, Joshua P--Private.
Adams, Samuel J--Second Sergeant.
Adams, Sidney N--Private.
Agee, Joseph M--Private.
Allen, J M--Private.
Anderson, C A--Private.
Armstrong, John S--Private.
Arnold, David S--Private.
Averett, Henderson--Private.
Averett, Thomas A--Private.
Baker, John W--Private.
Barringer, William H--Private.
Bell, Epamewood P--Private.
Benton, George W--Private.
Bishop, Albert G--Private.
Blanks, Jefferson F--Private.
Blue, P M--Private.
Briley, William A--Private.
Brooks, Hugh S--Private.
Brown, A J--Private.
Brown, Napoleon B--Private.
Brunson, C J--Private.
Bullock, George W--Private.
Burns, A J--Private.
Burns, William A--Private.
Bush, Jesse D--Private.
Byrd, John T--Private.
Callaway, Levi E--Private.
Cameron, Anguish J--Private.
Cameron, David A--Private.
Cameron, John W--Private.
Cameron, William L--Private.
Cammack, James C--Private.
Cannon, L--Private.
Capers, James H--Captain.
Carter, M V--Private.
Casey, J G--Private.
Chandler, Henry L--Private.
Cloud, Lawson C--Private.
Clower, John T--Private.
Cockrell, George--Private.
Cockrell, J W--Private.
Colbert, Commodore P--First Sergent.
Cole, William D--Private.
Coleman, George W--Sergeant.
Collins, Hugh M--Private.
Cornish, Andrew J--Private.
Cornish, Rufus R--Private.
Creed, J H--Private.
Crowder, W A--Private.
Dew, Lee M--Private.
Drake, Holden J--Private.
Englishbee, Daniel--Private.
Etheridge, J G--Private.
Franklin, John C--Private.
Frantom, William T--Private.
Fryar, K W--Corporal.
Furniss, Benjamin F--Private.
Gee, Abraham W--Second Lieutenant.
Gee, Joseph F--Private.
Gill, James M--Private.
Gilliam, Joseph G--Private.
Gorman, William H--Corporal.
Gresham, William D--Private.
Handy, Charles C--Sergeant.
Harris, John W--Sergeant.
Harris, Samuel B--Private.
Harris, William--Private.
Haynes, John D Jr--Corporal.
Hearin, Robert J--Private.
Henderson, E C--Private.
Hill, Jesse W--Private.
Hill, John E--Private.
Hinkson, Thomas R--Private.
Hodges, Benjamin J--Corporal.
Honeycutt, Francis A D--Private.
Honeycutt, Thomas A--Private.
Howell, Barton--Private.
Howell, T P--Private.
Huff, George C--Private.
Huff, R A--Private.
Hutchinson, William W--Private.
Jackson, John B--Private.
Jarvis, John M--Private.
Jeffries, B A--Private.
Johnson, A S--Private.
Johnson, J D--Private.
Jones, W G--Private.
Jordan, A--Private.
Kemp, Francis M--Private.
Kimball, Frederick--Private.
King, C R--Private.
Kinnaird, George W--Private.
Kinnaird, Theophilus A--Private.
Kinnaird, W Y--Private.
Knight, James--Private.
Knox, Samuel G--Private.
Lacy, S S--Private.
Lamkin, Romulus--Private.
Land, L J--Private.
Larche, Eugene L--Private.
Larned, G F--Private.
Law, Timothy--Private.
Lee, William--Private.
Livingston, William P--Private.
Looney, William P--Private.
Lovett, John L--Privatet.
Lovett, T C--Private.
McCaswell, J A--Private.
McClendon, Benjamin F--Private.
McGee, John--Private.
McGill, J M--Private.
McGowan, Joseph J--Private.
McKinnon, Angus W--Private.
McLane, S--Private.
McPhail, Rufus M--Private.
Mangrum, Silas R--Private.
Marrable, William D--Private.
Matthews, John B--Private.
Mayo, J J--Private.
Mercer, James A--Private.
Milam, Pleasant C--Private.
Milner, Obediah H--Private.
Moats, Noah E--Private.
Moore, Allen--Private.
Moore, Elisha A--Private.
Moore, William H--Private.
Morgan, William B--Private.
Morris, J W--Private.
Newman, R R--Private.
Nixon, James F--Private.
Norris, Henry C--Private.
Parkman, R--Private.
Pate, Louis T--Private.
Peacock, Walter G--Private.
Poole, Joseph B--Private.
Pratt, Jeremiah J--Private.
Price, William J--Private.
Reynolds, George--Private.
Roberson, James B--Private.
Rodgers, Commodore J--Private.
Ross, George H--Private.
Russell, R W--Private.
Russell, Robert--Private.
Saulsbury, John H--Private.
Sawyer, Holman--Private.
Sawyer, John W--Corporal.
Sawyer, Mack E--Sergeant.
Sheldon, Jasper--Private.
Sheppard, James T--Private.
Sherrer, Frederick L--Private.
Shippy, John C--Private.
Shivers, George W--Private.
Simonton, G F--Private.
Simonton, James H--Private.
Simpkins, J B F--Private.
Slater, Joseph--Private.
Sledge, Harris A--Private.
Smith, William J--Private.
Stanley, Thomas--Private.
Staton, Robert--Private.
Stewart, A H--Private.
Swinney, Thomas J--Private.
Swinney, William M--Private.
Tatum, Henry O--Private.
Tatum, Thomas C--Private.
Terry, William B--Private.
Thornton, David H--First Lieutenant.
Tiller, J L--Private.
Tubbs, Benjamin A--Private.
Walden, B P--Private.
Walker, David N B--Private.
Walker, William A--Private.
Watkins, Warren J--Private.
Watkins, William J--Private.
White, J P--Private.
White, W C--Private.
Whited, R C--Private.
Whitley, Jasper--Private.
Wiggins, Colip--Private.
Wiggins, D M--Private.
Wiggins, H J--Private.
Wiley, A J--Sergeant.
Wiley, W M G--Private.
Wilkins, C A--Private.
Wilkinson, J W--Private.
Williams, A--Private.
Williams, D C--Private.
Williams, George--Private.
Williams, J C--Private.
Williams, J H--Private.
Williams, Lawrence--Private.
Wilson, Thomas J--Private.
Wingate, William H--Private.
Wood, Calvin W--Private.
Wynn, W H--Private.
Yarbrough, N B--Private.
Yates, Thomas J--Private.
Young, Marcus D--Private.

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